Leanne HeadshotThe love for all things beautiful has always been a driving force for me. My love for music, dance, art and I wanted to share this with people.

Ever since I can remember my Dad was the same. He thrived most when surrounded by beauty, whether it be nature, architecture, art, music or people. He was a part-time photographer, for extra income and to have more creative outlets. I tagged along often, which is where my first love for photography started. But he was excellent in sport as well, and thus I started swimming when I was 10 years old.

Swimming took over my entire life, literally. I loved it, but life throws you curve balls you don't anticipate and my journey was cut short when I firstly got the flu that damaged my heart muscle(s), and then broke my back falling down two steps in my first year of University. Like most painful experiences I couldn't understand why, but I remember a friend tell me; “there are bigger, better things around the corner.”

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Drama from Stellenbosch University and left for South Korea. I picked up a a camera for the first time again. My then boyfriend bought me a DSLR for Christmas as he noticed that it made me happy. He is now my husband of 8 years, the father of our beautiful little girl AND my partner in crime, taking photos.

I founded Leanne Durand Photography in 2011, as a part-time hobby, but soon realized this was so much more. This has been a passion, driving force and a new adventure that has been nothing short of a blessing. I want to see the beauty and love in everything, and I want to share this with people.

I am now a full time photographer that and just adore the moments I get to freeze for family, friends and complete strangers. It's an honour and I would love to keep on doing what I love, travel the world and spread love, sharing your